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Electric truck car, 2 seats + cargobox, EG6158T05

EG 6158T05, electric truck car, ideal truck for pickup and delivery heavy boxes inside large companies logistics jobs! Capacity: 1 ton cargobox,
Max.range of 110kms,Max.speed of 50km/h

Electric classic car, 12 seats, EG6120K

Inherit the design of EG6060K and EG6090K, to meet the request of more passenger capacity of our electric classic car, we designed this new model EG6120K, it is a 12 seats electric classic car, 3 rows facing forward and 1 row facing backward comfortable luxury bench seats, it's a ideal vehicle for using in your resort, hotel, wedding party,, amusement park, theme park, etc..

Electric classic car, 9 seats, EG6090K

EG6090K is a 9 seats electric classic car, 3 rows comfortable luxury bench seats with high backrests. Traditional design make it very classic!

Electric personal transporter, 6 seats facing forward, EG6063KB

EG6063KB, electric personal transporter, 6 seats all face forward, 48V system, 8pcs 185Ah T105 batteries, maximum speed of 40km/h, range of 80kms

Street legal golf cart, electric, 2 seats, EG2028KR, EEC

2 seats street legal golf cart, EG2028KR with battery powered, with EEC certificate, max.speed of 40km/h, range of 80-100kms

Electric trucks, 2000kgs loading weight, closed cab, EG6042H

EG6042H, electric trucks, light duty, 2000kgs loading capacity, spacy cabin in aluminum frame, FRP top and glass windows

Electric burden carrier, 800kgs loading capacity, EG6021H

EG6021H, electric burden carrier, 800kgs loading capacity, rear cargo bed with 3-side open fenders, 48V system, 8pcs 185Ah T105 batteries

Electric catering cart, with insulating box, EG6063KXC

Electric catering cart EG6063KXC has an insulating rear dining box. The dining box has two compartment for easy opearating. It can keep the food warm 2 hrs

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