07 . Mar 2023
Can the Eagle tour bus be modified? Where is it suitable for?

As a traveler, the tour bus has ridden a lot. But the tour bus can only be used in scenic spots……

14 . Apr 2023
Why do scenic spots choose to use Eagle electric tour bus?

With the development of the tourism industry, more and more people choose to travel around the world for sightseeing……

13 . Jul 2023
Manufacturer's advice: the purchase of electric tour buses need to be carefully selected and fully evaluated

Purchasing an electric tour bus is an important decision that can provide your company or tourist attraction with a sustainable……

13 . Jul 2023
Advantages of Eagle electric classic cars over traditional fuel-powered classic cars

The Eagle electric classic car is the embodiment of a unique intersection combining aristocratic temperament and classic charm……

26 . Jul 2023
What you need to pay attention to when using Eagle electric tour bus in rainy days

Using electric sightseeing buses in rainy days requires special attention to a number of issues to ensure driving safety and riding comfort……

21 . Aug 2023
Shanghai Middle School Introduces Eagle Electric Patrol Vehicle to Enhance Campus Security

In recent years, with the development of society and technological progress……

Latest exhibition

Eagle people believe good service has the same importance as good quality. Eagle’s sales persons can be reached in 24 hours x 365 days. Eagle’s sales persons are willing to answer any emails from their customers within 24 hours. Eagle provides all the spare parts (Except battery) of its vehicles.

Exhibition time: 2024-5-26
Exhibition venue: No.8 Xinqing Dong Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, China


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