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24-hour service hotline:
+86 512 65960031

Heart, to solve your urgent, for your needs
Not only is the first time to respond to your needs, but also the service of passive to active
Know your needs at all times, quickly and accurately provide cost-effective authentic parts, and fully practice your service commitment
With more comprehensive, more intimate and more respected personalized service, each EAGLE electric vehicle can be fully cared for in
the whole life cycle and be in the best condition anytime and anywhere
Let you feel the care of EAGLE people

Service Philosophy

In line with the purpose of "attracting customers with products and retaining customers with services", our company has invested huge manpower and material resources in service, which is reflected in all aspects of products before sale, sale and after-sales.

72 hours to the site repair
24 hours technical phone support
Emergency parts by air express
VIP customer priority right
Shorten after-sales time

National service hotline: +86 512 65960031
Accessories consultation: +86 512 65960031
Switchboard: 65691796 extension: 8042, 8025, 8071, 8043

Add: No.99, Yinxin Road, Guoxiang, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City
Fax: 0512-62521793

E-mail: suzhou_eagle_export@eg-ev.com


Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Add: No.8, Xinqing East Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Tel: +86 512 65960031
Website: www.eagle-ev.com

Spare Parts

You can go directly to our Yigao dealers all over the country to purchase the original Yigao parts, or contact our company accessories sales headquarters.

Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In order to extend the service life of our machines, we maximize the creation of higher value for our customers
We always uphold to create maximum value for users, to provide you with a comprehensive service
Eagle Parts Factory cares about your car
More reliable and durable, higher cost, quick solution to your troubles

After-sales contact
  • Contact number: +86 512 65960031

  • Fax: 0512-62521793

  • Email:export@eg-ev.com

  • Address: No.99, Yinxin Road, Guoxiang, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City

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